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Your Ultimate Collector’s Paradise

Sylvan Lake’s Top Destination for Collectibles. We’re your community hub for buying, selling, trading, and appreciating an expansive array of collectibles, from sports cards to gold. Whether a hobbyist or a connoisseur, experience our unique blend of auctions, fundraisers, expert appraisals, and premium supplies at Yellow Shirt Relics.


Sports Cards

Discover a treasure trove of sports cards that capture the thrilling moments and legendary athletes that have shaped the world of sports. From basketball and football to baseball and hockey, our sports card section is a paradise for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Step into a world of imagination and adventure with our comics. Explore a captivating collection of comic books that transport you to extraordinary realms, featuring beloved superheroes, gripping storylines, and stunning artwork.

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Discover a treasure trove of collectibles that celebrate your favorite sports teams, iconic movies, music legends, and pop culture icons. From autographed jerseys and props to rare vinyl records and signed posters, our memorabilia section is a haven for fans and collectors alike.

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Pop Culture

Discover a curated collection of merchandise, collectibles, and memorabilia that pay homage to the icons and moments that have shaped popular culture.

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Explore a curated selection of rare and exquisite coins that bear the marks of history and culture. From ancient civilizations to modern mintings, our coin collection offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of numismatics.

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Uncover the beauty of world currencies with our banknotes section. Journey through different countries and eras as you explore our collection of rare and fascinating banknotes. From historic notes featuring iconic figures to colorful modern designs, our banknotes capture the artistry and cultural significance of global currencies.

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Delve into a world of elegance and wealth as you explore our collection of fine gold and silver items. From gleaming gold bars to exquisite silver coins, our selection showcases the beauty and investment potential of these timeless metals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or simply appreciate the intrinsic value of gold and silver, our section offers a range of high-quality pieces that will captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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Browse through a wide range of high-quality supplies designed specifically for collectors. From protective sleeves and display cases to album pages and storage solutions, our supplies section has everything you need to preserve, organize, and showcase your valuable collectibles. Whether you collect sports cards, coins, comics, or other treasures, our collection of supplies ensures that your prized items are well-protected and easily accessible.

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